Poy,  a girl who was born in a small town of north part of northeastern Thailand. Her home town is an ancient big river town. With tiny and small beautiful island, the river is the longest in south east Asia. Unlike the river, her childhood was narrow and was not freedom like the river flowing past her town. Her child and younger life were totally guided by the parents, typical of general Asian families and cultures.

Studying hard and top class in childhood, Poy finally came to her mind and senses that she needed more freedom and others in life. She walked to her parents and asked her mother if she could move out of the town and pursue her real own passions of study, works and life. 

Her dream seemed to come true. She had lived her life at that period of time as she wished. Wearing nice and pretty clothes, owning a car, working in a reputable company in the country, partying with friends, Poy’s life had been picture perfect as it could look. But, deep in her mind, she was still questioning. Were all those she had and did what she really wanted? No. she told herself. What she needs all the time of her life is real “freedom”.  But what is it?


Poy has kept working, living her life and questioning herself the same old puzzle.  What really do I want?    All the good and bad things that came to my life have they been meant for me? I guess not.  She thought she needed a real change.                                                                         


One day miracle happened. Poy met a guy who finally becomes her soul mate. He is a principles man living with his own life philosophies that she adores. Poy’s life has then changed. She has transformed herself from a life-boring less-meaning woman to a lively and more goal-oriented person. Then, many good things have taken place. She has dared to do a lot of things she’s never thought she could before. Poy has then truly realized that life is full of many more good and interesting things to do.

New sports !  Poy took the swimming lesson at age of 36 and learning golf at age 37.  She has fallen in love with these new sport adventures right away.  There are so much more skills and experiences she has to learn and acquire before she dies, she told herself.


Today, Poy has still been yearning for life in the bigger world. She wish she could travel and learn what else and how this world could offer us. If you do not stop following your dream and your days, the world will always be the most wonderful place to live in. Poy believes.


The movie that has inspired Poy’s life so much is Titanic. The most memorable scene for her is when Jack asked Rose to fight to live to have her own children, many of them.  The other one is the ending scene when Rose the old lady lying in the bed on a ship thinking back to life after Titanic crisis in which she has done so many things as Jack asked her to. Memory of horse riding, golfing and all the travelling Rose has done comes back to her. What about you? If you survive a life threathening event, what in your life would you do the first thing?   


Poy has come to realizing that you have to live your own life, being yourself, opening to new visions, not attached to old ways.

About Poy